Thé trade show for Surface Technology

13 - 15 November 2018 Brabanthallen 's-Hertogenbosch

Theme zones

Visit the theme areas to get acquainted with certain topics, to discover what is the best way to go for your issue and to attend demonstrations. Everything you want to know, grouped by theme. Meet the experts, get inspired, and take the next step to the ultimate surface treatment.

SURFACE Lab: Bring Your Own Sample

Discover specific properties of materials and experience the differences in quality. Put your own samples to the test on layer thickness, scratch resistance, roughness, weather resistance, adhesion, elasticity and porosity. Experts will elaborate on predictive tests and their reliability. In short – everything you’ve always wanted to know about quality, can be discovered at the SURFACE Lab.

3D zone

It’s almost impossible to imagine today’s industry without 3D printing. What are its possibilities? The 3D area showcases several printing techniques, including plastic, concrete and metal. This area also deals with the treatment of 3D-printed objects and 2.5D printing – the industry’s potential new game changer.

Wood zone

Wood as a material plays a crucial role in our lives. We often don’t realise the amount of workings required to deliver a finished product. At the theme zone Wood, we show you how we can turn a simple household product into one with multifunctional applications.

Cleaning zone

Nanotechnology and new functional coatings with ultra-thin layer thickness can make adhesion processes difficult during surface treatments. Which makes good cleaning more important than ever. At the Cleaning zone, you’ll encounter different demonstrations and hear all about the benefits and applications of cleaning. From spray cleaning to immersion pools – experience it all at the Cleaning zone.

Paint zone

The Paint zone is a new initiative, in which you can behold and experience the newest possibilities, solutions and applications of coatings.

Safety street

In many sectors, employees are working with dangerous substances that are often invisible, but damaging in the long run. Prevention of exposure of employees to dangerous substances, in particular Chrome(VI), is one of the government’s top priorities. Our specialists in our Safety Street can help you with creating a safe and healthy workspace.