Thé trade show for Surface Technology

13 - 15 November 2018 Brabanthallen 's-Hertogenbosch

Our view on surface technology

Surface technology is an influential domain. Without surface treatment, coffee cups would leak and cars would corrode. Surface technology has the ability to change, improve or expand the functional properties of objects or materials. It’s an area that adds value. Something we would like to make more visible and tangible at SURFACE Campus.

In this era of disruption, the demand on the surface treatment industry is high. Whenever an industry innovates, we do too. We don’t have a choice, because we play a very important role in every industry and the supply chain. Surface treatment – which includes shapes and materials – has to be taken into account from the very beginning of the design phase. Therefore, chain collaboration is fundamental whenever surface technology is applied. It affects everyone, in every industry, during every phase.

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